Small Business & Education

Beth has 20+ years’ of experience consulting in sectors of the K-12 education community and small businesses development.
Her clients include privately held and public businesses (1-1000+ employees) in the profit and nonprofit space, educational institutions, STEAM programs, and analytics companies.
She also works with entities looking to enhance their services to children with special needs and assists families looking for the right path for their child.
Beth Silver

Beth Silver

Managing Director at

Adam Rifkin

Adam Rifkin

Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Actor

Arts & Entertainment

Adam Rifkin is a director, screenwriter, actor and producer with an eclectic career that has spanned 30+ years’.
He’s the screenwriter responsible for family-friendly movies like Underdog for Walt Disney Studios, Zoom, starring Tim Allen and two films for DreamWorks: MouseHunt and Small Soldiers.
Adam also directed a slew of cult classics including The Dark Backward, Detroit Rock City featuring KISS, The Chase starring Charlie Sheen, the award winning drama LOOK and the shocking Shooting The Warwicks.

Sustainability, Health, Hospitality, Tech & Entertainment

Selena is the founder of By Imagination with 14 years’ experience operating an independent consulting firm. She has helped startups and global brands in the Arts & Entertainment, Health, Hospitality, and Sustainability industries to lay the foundation for success.
Her current research efforts focus on the social, economic, and ethical impacts of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) analytics, virtual reality (VR), an augmented reality (AR).
Selena is a member of the IEEE, IAPP, and SAG-AFTRA.
Selena Scola

Selena Scola

Founder of By Imagination

Scott Billups

Scott Billups

Chief Executive Officer at

Health & Medical, Tech & Entertainment

Scott is the CEO of StayWell Labs, a cloud-based virtual health consultancy that uses AI and case-proven alternatives to conventional prescriptive medicine.
He’s the Co-founder of, and former instructor at, the American Film Institute Digital Studies Program, helped build infrastructure, develop curriculum and mentor students of numerous film schools around the world including UT Austin, UCLA, the USC School of Cinematic Arts and China’s Base FX.  And he’s an award-winning cinematographer, producer, game developer and author of seven top-selling books!
Lastly he has 25+ years of DOD, DARPA & NGO Consulting, Design & Production, specializing in situational awareness, virtual cognizance, AI robotics, and augmented control symbology.

Sustainability & CSR

Rubbish empowers neighborhoods to tackle litter at the local level by utilizing data science. Their iOS app and eye catching, patent pending, rubbish beam photographs and categorizes liter by litter type and location allowing them build maps of litter trends to implement solutions and create litter free communities.
Their mission is to build stronger, healthier communities with less trash, more beautiful streets, and happier residents.


Urban Sustainability

All Of It Now

All Of It Now

Immersive Installations

Tech, Arts & Entertainment

All of it Now (AOIN) is a creative agency thrives at the technological intersection of connecting people and content in wonderful ways.
With their roots in Film/TV production, information technology, and brand marketing, AOIN has worked with MTV Millenial Awards, BTS World Tour, Extending Reality internal case study in xR media, Strata, Intel CES, Digital Distortions, alt-J, Halsey Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour, Epson DSE Immersive Lounge, Vera Lux LightScene Case Study, Charity: Water, MOFAD City, SXSW, Tipping Point, Suitcase Magazine and more.