Urban Sustainability

Rubbish helps you love where you live by tackling the ever-growing litter problem in San Francisco and other cities worldwide.
Every community member is encouraged to help create litter-free neighborhoods via engagement through the rubbish mobile app which uses machine learning (ML) technology to create litter maps, analyze neighborhood litter trends, optimize cleaning, and implement solutions to the ever-growing litter problem block by block.

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130,000 pieces of liter picked up in San Francisco by rubbish!
Rubbish is working with cities and communities to create a smart approach to litter, using data to understand litter trends, and how they vary from street to street. We look forward to seeing how technology can help our cities become healthier, safer and more sustainable.
The University of Pennsylvania is known for top-notch academics, excellent sports, and now, a tobacco-free campus thanks to their ongoing partnership with rubbish! Our partnership officially kicked off on Earth Day (April 22) with a Cigarette Butt Cleanup Walk on campus!
The impact of hundreds of entrepreneurs on the campus and in the neighborhood…

After a lecture at the program’s YC Campus in Mountain View, rubbish was inspired to do a cleanup to see what litter footprint was left in the classroom and on campus after the hundreds of entrepreneurs went home that day. Their goal was to collect the data with the rubbish app, show the incubator program what insights and action can result from the data, and make some simple suggestions on how the organizers can address litter on campus.
Cigarette litter is the nuisance of streets, parks, and beaches worldwide.
Where people go, cigarette butts follow, often ending up in our waterways and oceans. Around 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are tossed aside each year.
After crunching litter data from the rubbish app, the team noticed a large amount of cigaret buts were discarded on the ground in a particular area of on Polk Street in San Francisco and decided to install a cigarette butt disposal where the most amount of butts were discarded. Within six weeks cigarette butt litter decreased by 46% on the entire block!
In August, 2018, Rubbish launched Pilot on Polk Street, and the litter stats are in!
Independence Day: 51% Increase in litter in SF streets Rubbish Polk-Street PDF